Why is Richmond Channel 12 So Popular?

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on September 25, 2013. Posted in Homepage

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Richmond, Virginia has a long, storied history. Once the capital of the Confederate States of America that General Robert E. Lee fought so vehemently to preserve, the city remains the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. With a city that is so rich in history, culture, and beauty as the River City, you would expect that more national channels would pick up the news the region has to offer. As locals have discovered, however, the stories that are important to the Fist City are not the same as those run by the big media conglomerates like CNN and Fox News.

Richmond locals do not want to cut out the national news completely. Rather, they want something that offers them the stories they care about on both a national and local level. Richmond Channel 12 offers exactly that.

  • Local News Coverage
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    Channel 12 Richmond covers a variety of news topics on a daily basis. Recently, Richmond Channel 12 covered a story about their local missionaries who were in Kenya at the time of the Nairobi terrorist attacks. Luckily, the group managed to avoid being caught up in the onslaught, albeit narrowly. This is just one example of the local interest coverage Channel 12 news Richmond offers that the national sources do not.

    You can always rely on Channel 12 Richmond VA for high quality news stories that matter to you, including politics, crime, and, of course, the accurate Channel 12 Richmond weather coverage.

  • National News Coverage
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    Richmond Channel 12 also offers high quality coverage of national issues. For example, President Obama recently gave a short speech about his wife, Michelle, convincing him to quit smoking. The comments were made following an assembly at the United Nations. That is not a story with local interests involved, but Channel 12 Richmond brought you coverage, just like they always do on the national news that matters.

  • National Entertainment Programming
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    There is no doubt that Channel 12 Richmond is a high quality source of news, both local and national, as well as a source for important weather forecasts for the region. However, Channel 12 also brings in a lot of viewers interested in seeing the channel’s high quality, national programming. As a member of the NBC family, Channel 12 Richmond brings its viewers The Voice, Revolution, and many other prime time shows that have been taking the nation by storm.

If you are fed up with the national news stations ignoring Richmond, you can always turn to Channel 12. There you can find professional, accurate coverage of events both local and abroad. Crime, politics, weather, and sports all feature heavily in Channel 12′s news coverage. If you want more than the news, for example entertaining, national programming, Channel 12 has that too. Tune in to Channel 12 for the best TV station in Richmond.

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