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Written by Channel 12 Richmond on June 20, 2013. Posted in Homepage

In some American homes the news is the first thing on the television in the morning and the last thing on it at night. Staying in tune with the world around you is a priority that many Americans have especially in a large city. Without a source of up to date information daily life would not be what it is today. That is why on channel 12 news Richmond VA citizens are kept in the loop. They know the need for knowledge these days is not an option but a demand. That is why up to date coverage is just as important to you as it is to them.

Channel 12 weather Richmond VA keeps you up to date so you know when your child needs to bring a coat to school. Channel 12 Richmond weather saves you by letting you know to bring an umbrella to work because it is going to pour this afternoon. They know how an unexpected hail or snow storm can ruin your day and are the people who bring you up to date school closings when you need them. On channel 12 news Richmond citizens and their interests are the priority. You are provided with up to date coverage of top stories and community events. They report the important stories to keep you and your families safe. Channel 12 news Richmond is on your side. So tune in to hear the important news in your city and community today and every day.

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