Richmond, Virginia Where Do You Go for Weather?

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on October 23, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Channel 12 richmond weather

When you have inclement weather bearing down on you in eastern Virginia, to whom do you turn for the most accurate updates and information as it is developing? I do not know whom you choose, but I know the reliable source that I trust every single time.

That source is none other than weather Channel 12 Richmond VA. Weather Channel 12 Richmond VA has a few different qualities that set it distinctly apart from the competition that tries to aspire to the professionalism and perfection that weather Channel 12 Richmond VA accomplishes on a daily basis.

  • Virginian Weather
  • Maybe you are from the old school of weather forecasting. The kind that looks out the window and determines what to wear accordingly. If you have lived in Virginia your entire life, you may not be aware of just how diverse and extreme the weather can be in Virginia. But for those not accustomed to the climate, a weather report could make the difference between being comfortable all day, or spending the whole day soaked in your own sweat. Virginia gets hot!

    In Richmond, the top average temperature usually hits in July, at about 90 degrees. But it sure can get cold too. January average low is about 28. So you have quite the fluctuation to deal with. However, it is not just temperatures that you need to be concerned about. Virginia is also known for its thunderstorms, the occasional (albeit small) tornado, and the eastern side of Virginia (here’s looking at you, Richmond) can also be subject to any hurricanes that make their way up the coast.

  • First Warning Forecast
  • One thing that I have found on Channel 12 Richmond weather that I have never found any other time is the First Warning Forecast, right on the front page of the weather. Not only does the site give you the daily weather, complete with moving charts and hourly breakdowns, but they also have a daily update on what to expect, if anything, in terms of severe weather. Some days it can be pretty uneventful, but there are times when you could find a weather warning on there that you had no idea was due. This simple little write-up on the front weather page has saved many a person from going out in dangerous weather conditions.

  • Weather Online
  • Mentioned above, the Channel 12 news Richmond weather online is the perfect resource for staying informed. It does more than just tell you to bring an umbrella when you go outside. It has the full information for the day right on the front page, but it also has several tabs to click to get further detailed information. You can head on over to the interactive weather map, the seven day forecast, any weather headlines, the weather blog, and even follow the weathermen on Twitter.

Makes a little more sense now, to be following Channel 12 when it comes to getting the most accurate and up-to-date information for your weather. It is unfortunate being caught out in a drizzle without an umbrella, but it can be tragedy being caught as a hurricane pummels the coast. Protect yourself and plan ahead. With the help of Channel 12, you can know exactly what to expect.

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