Boost Productivity By Eliminating Office Clutter

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on January 22, 2014. Posted in Colored zip ties, Concealed hinges, Large rubber grommets

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What are some simple ways to cram more into your work day? Something as simple as organizing your desk can boost productivity and make you happier. Good Housekeeping reports sorting work supplies reduces financial stress and marital conflicts. Here are some easy tips to get the most out of your day, and be happier for it, too:

Start With a Purge

First and foremost, there’s no reason to make your job — and life — harder. Major organizing endeavors should always start with discarding any papers and items you no longer need. Refer to office guidelines on how long paperwork and files need to be stowed. If there is no reason to keep it, shred and recycle office papers. Also consider donating or trashing unused equipment, furniture, knickknacks, and trinkets.

Do Something About Out of Control Wiring

Most workers crowd offices with computers, printers, scanners, phones, shredders, electric pencil sharpeners… and the list goes on. Tangled and cluttered cords get may get in the way, but they also pose serious electrical and fire hazards. Install desk grommets to reroute electrical cords from desk, cabinet, and door edges. Hard plastic or rubber grommets stop cables from fraying, bending, and potentially starting a fire.

Organize and secure electrical cords on or under desk using handy color cable ties. Color-coded cable ties help workers easily identify specific wires. Use cable tie guns to speed up installation for large-scale projects, such as organizing a company server room. Employees can also reduce cord clutter by using wireless devices whenever possible, or purchasing a USB hub for office computers.

Don’t Forget About Drawers

Throw in loose paper clips, pens, cough drops, tea bags, ketchup packets, a few rolls of tape, and some papers, and desk drawers can easily get out of hand. Contain and eliminate the mess by using drawer dividers and small containers. For example, reuse old Altoid containers to stow paper clips.

Prevent clutter, work harder, and be happier. Start off by whittling offices supplies and furnishings down to what you truly need, organize wires using cable ties and cable tie guns, and don’t let drawers get out of hand. More on this:

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