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Written by Channel 12 Richmond on March 14, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Richmond channel 12 news is the news source for the city of Richmond and the surrounding neighborhoods. Channel 12 news Richmond allows locals to stay informed on national and local headlines. Channel 12 Richmond VA gives insight to their viewers about the world around us, channel 12 news Richmond news coverage includes the news, weather, cultural stories, political coverage, entertainment and weather in the region.

Channel 12 weather Richmond VA and traffic reports are a vital part of many professionals mornings. Commuters want to know if they need to leave extra commute times for storms hitting the area or know if they should change their route to avoid traffic accidents or construction. Channel 12 news Richmond provides this information not only via tv broadcasts, you could also find this info on their website available from computers and smart phones.

For local coverage channel 12 news Richmond VA cannot be beat. Channel 12 covers the unique local flavor of Richmond and events happening in the city including theater, concerts and sporting events. Channel 12 coverage of entertainment events is top notch in the region. They offer coverage of award shows and celebrity news. They are a great source for tips on what to do this weekend. When the weather is nice and locals and tourists alike are flocking to Virginias beautiful beaches, channel 12 offers popular surf reports as well as rip warnings.

Channel 12 news Richmond also keeps area voters informed on political issues. When election season rolls around, they provide profiles on candidates in local and national races. They also offer coverage of local government including budgetary meetings, and school board meetings. By staying on top of these stories channel 12 is letting people know if their local services are in danger of being cut with budget downsizing.

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