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Four Great Sites to Visit in Seattle!

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 24, 2013. Posted in Seattle tours, Tour seattle

Seattle tour

When you visit Seattle, there are so many great things to do, places to see, and Seattle events to attend, it can be hard to figure out what exactly you should choose to do! One thing that’s an absolute must it go tour Seattle. There are so many breath-taking, majestic views around the city that you simply can’t miss out on.

Here are a few sights that have got to take in on Seattle tours!

The Space Needle.

When you take Seattle tours, you obviously have to hit this famous, 520 feet tall landmark. The Space Needle provides a 360 degree panorama of the city, presenting a clear view of the mountain ranges, the busy waterfront, and the city lights.

Kurt Cobain’s House.

Kurt Cobain, the lead singer

Top Facts You Need to Know Before You Enroll Your Child in a School For Autism

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 24, 2013. Posted in Boarding school aspergers, Boarding school dyslexia

Aspergers school

If you have a child that has developmental issues, then you might want to look into schools for ADHD or school for aspergers. It can be a huge help for kids to have access to the kind of care and training that they need. There are not a lot of trained teachers in the public school system who are prepared to help children that have developmental issues. This is where institutions like aspergers schools and schools for dyslexia have on their staff. When you enroll your child in schools for ADHD

Harris Funeral Home in Rochester NY

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 23, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Harris Funeral Home

570 Kings Highway South

Rochester, NY 14617

585- 544-2041

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Times have certainly changed since Paul W. Harris established our funeral home in Rochester in 1946. But our commitment to caring for the people in our community has not. Three generations and 65 years later, we’re still serving the needs of Rochester families as one of the oldest independent, family-owned and operated funeral homes and cremation chapels in our area. Compassion, caring and community service are still the foundation of our family. Which is why we’re committed to helping yours.

Bullmoose Orthodontics in Chandler AZ

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 23, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Bullmoose Orthodontics

2480 W. Ray Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85224


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Bullmoose Orthodontics is a well-established Chandler team who is supported by a seasoned staff with a combined 40 years of experience! Dr. Dick Dykman is a Chandler Arizona orthodontist specializing in Damon Braces, as well as providing Invisalign to both teens and adults. Bullmoose orthodontics offers appointments on some week days as early as 6:30 am and as late as 7pm!

Discover the Most Stunning Custom Luxury Home Creations

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 17, 2013. Posted in Arizona new home builder, Building a custom home, New homes chandler az

Building a custom home

Since the first colonists crossed the Atlantic Ocean with dreams of starting new lives off freedom, home ownership has been a fundamental part of what would eventually become known as the “American Dream.” Even though the United States’ economic struggles in recent years have cultivated a widespread pessimism that has rendered the “American Dream” as the “American Myth” to millions of Americans, the American Dream is still alive and well as 2014 approaches.

Although building custom homes is not within the reach of every American, the best custom home builders have what it takes to build custom homes for folks with the financial resources to afford it. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans will never be able to afford to hire Continue Reading | No Comments

Perfecting Your Smile With Implants

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 17, 2013. Posted in Affordable dental, Emergency dentist portland, Family dentist portland

Dentist office

You cannot let the dental implant cost become a barrier to your perfect smile. There are increasing options for financing and affordable dental practices that can assist you in getting back beautiful teeth. Whether you are just looking at dental implants information or are now considering dental implant surgery, you should do some preliminary research in order to find the best dentist office for your situation.

You are definitely advised to get all of the information before making a change to your teeth, but sometimes the fear of the unknown is worse than the process. For most, dental implant pr

After School Programs Are an Important Part of Your Child’s Day

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 16, 2013. Posted in Karate school for kids, Summer adventures day camp, Summer camp karate program

After school karate

Children often need something to keep them busy as soon as school lets out. There are some schools that have after school enrichment programs that help students with academic subjects. There are also other types of after school programs that offer recreational activities such as sports, games, and outdoor play. Many parents opt to send their kids to after school daycare centers because some districts will bus their children to the facility. In any case, parents spend time researching the best programs to give their children a chance to maximize their daily learning experience.

One of the activities that people choose is karate programs for kids. Martial arts is extremely popular in the United States. Abo

Acupuncture Has Proven Effective as a Back Pain Treatment

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 11, 2013. Posted in Acupuncture bethel ct, Acupuncture infertility, Acupuncture side effects

Acupuncture for depression

The recent history of acupuncture has revealed that there are many more benefits of acupuncture than previously thought. There are now acupuncture infertility treatments, as studies have shown that acupuncture could increase success rates by up to 65% if women are using In Vitro fertilization. There are even treatments of acupuncture for depression, and also, more excitingly, acupuncture back pain treatments.

These acupuncture back pain treatments are particularly thrilling, as it’s not only a very common problem, but also because a study has shown that the ancient treatment method can help relieve chronic back pain better than standard care such as physical therapy or medications.

This study wa

Go Green! Install Bamboo Floors in Your House

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 11, 2013. Posted in Cost of bamboo flooring, Oak floors, Timber flooring melbourne

Timber flooring melbourne

Hardwoods give a polished look to any home. They add luster, and an aesthetic quality that tiles or carpet cannot give you. There are several types of hardwoods such as oak, maple and ash to name a few, but a sustainable alternative to these woods would be bamboo. This flooring has the same shine and finish that traditional hardwood flooring does, but it achieves this with a plant that is a highly renewable source.

How is bamboo flooring good for the environment? Bamboo flooring is manufactured from a bamboo plant, mainly found in China and other parts of Asia. Since bamboo is a type of grass, it grows faster than most wood. Moso bamboo, typically used for flooring, can grow to more than 75 feet within 50 days. Because of its growth, it takes a bamboo plant only about 3 to 5 years to mature, making

AiRite Heating and Cooling in Glendale AZ

Written by Channel 12 Richmond on December 11, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


AiRite Heating and Cooling

7900 North 70th Ave.

Glendale, AZ 85303


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Since 1994, AiRite Heating and Cooling has been providing exceptional air conditioning and heating service throughout the greater area. Our trained, licensed technicians are experts in their field and are steadfastly dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest level of customer service.